Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's day sensory tub

Here at our house, we don't take Valentines day too seriously. Since Hubby and I were in High School, we celebrate it with a chocolate and gift exchange, but just some little gesture (which  goes a long way).  This year we have a date at our new house (that's still under construction), to complete the last details so we can move in soon, which include painting.

With our "school work" is totally different. I love the heart theme. Always have. My girls also. Hearts everywhere. We started last week with our sensory bin.

I started working with these a couple month ago and it was a hit. They went crazy about this. They love to cook, mix, pour, sort. Well most of the time what i put inside, goes to many parts in the house, like their pretend kitchen.

I used to do this since Koki (my oldest daughter) was a baby, but in a different way. I would give her a bag or a box with lots of little things to play. Most of them where things from around the house, not meant for her to play with, like spoons, lids, plastic bottles. I call it: something-forbidden-to-use-but-safe-to-play-with.

Now I take it a little further. I make them theme and skills specific. I put different materials and  textures, numbers, letters, mixing tools, spoons, lids, some sparkle of course, etc. etc. I also fill it with pasta, cotton, rice (this is a risk I take some times), little balls, water, plastic animals, plants, well ALL kinds of stuff.

For this month we did Valentine's (oh, what a surprise).

Vivi would grab some rice or whatever she could...

 ... and pour it in a cup.



Yup. I love baby feet.

Again, this will happen if you have rice or small filing. Let them play liberally.

And what are they learning?

In this case, the red color, was the main focus. But they learn about textures, sizes, to grasp, pour, use their imagination, sharing, mixing, measuring... Learning should not be only about concepts but also about resolving problems using tier imagination.

Para ver este antrada en español ve aquí.



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