Thursday, February 9, 2012

How we like to play...

We are all about free play. Messes, sometimes craziness.

I believe that nowadays society expect too much from children. When they should learn what, and how.

I studied to be a preschool teacher, knowing that I would work at a preschool or day care center. I did. Then I got married and had my first child, and decided to stay at home. I learned a lot from it, but NOTHING, I mean NOTHING prepares you for motherhood. I repeat NOTHING.

So during all this time I learned mostly that children learn by playing, creating, imagining, touching and certainly messing. which I don't care so much (some days). But most importantly, WE should follow their lead.

                                         Playing with cloud sand (recipe from Imagination Tree)

We do a lot of free play during the day, but also, Koki (my 4 yr old) likes to do worksheets. Well she loves them. She works on math, reading, writing and some other skills like cutting, tracing, pasting. I always try to  do as many work as she is up to, but we finish a page is we started it.

These are some of the free activities that we've done:

Pasting, which she loves

Playing with cotton

Playing with pasta

Playing with colored shaving cream. 
Messy X2

I know its scary, but it can, and should be done. Children need this kind of freedom, to be kids and make messes. 

Here are some tips:

  • Prepare your area. If you can use an area that can be washed easily, like the bathroom, or outside for big messes. Use an old shower liner, or a solid surface that can be wipe off without damaging it.
  • Talk about what you are about to do, they get really exited when they know they can make a mess without been punished
  • Let your child express herself. If you planned to paint with kitchen tools, but your kid wants to use their fingers, let her. 
  • Use uncommon tools to explore.
  • Teach them to clean it. Even if it makes the mess bigger, if it takes a lot of time, or if it doesn't end as you visualize it. 
  • Most importantly, play with her, be a part of what she is doing. Ask questions and explore with imagination. 

Remember these are the years when exploring, imagination and curiosity develops, and with our help, it can continue through the years, helping our children to learn, seeing the world differently.

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ivi said...

Love it!!!!!! I really like ur way and belive me If my hubby wasnt so freak out about messes mine would be doing stuffs like that!!!

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