Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We've been very relax this past week. It happens here a lot.  The girls have enjoyed the day as it comes. There's been a lot of free play outside and at our new house.

Let me start first with our visit to El Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan, Puerto Rico).We went to get some books at the Books fair. Most of the photos are from our walk trough San Juan.

Oh, San Juan. I love it. The history, the stores, the architecture,

the streets,

the churches (San Juan Cathedral)

the animals.

Then we stop to eat. This photo was taken by mu four year old. Her perspective.

I used to make fun of my mom because she loved to take photos like this. People just walking. My mom died two 1/2 years ago, and I missed this kind of photos. Here my daughter is walking with my sister, wich is also her Godmother. These two love each other.

Just having fun!

Oh! My three beautiful princesses.

 My sister let them choose a little turtle with a wobbling head.

A bought  these books for around $30. some of them only cost  50 cents. My sis bought some too. I also bought 3 more book that don't appear here.

They have been taking them everywhere, and I let them to do it, because even though I know that we have to take care of things, for them to last longer, I also believe that we can't get too attached to things, because they leave as they came. I teach my girls that God is the one that provide for us.

When I was studying to be a preschool teacher, I had a professor that have like a million books. She told us that books are meant for children to explore, touch, and even sometimes broke. Yes I said it. I think is a process and we should guide them. If they tear them, we teach them to pass the pages slower. If juice is spilled, we teach them to be more careful, because what if they want to read and drink at the same time, as adults, I've see many reading he newspaper with a cup of coffee.

I found this book great to help them through this process of exploration. You can download it here.  The book is called Forest friends go to school. You printed it, and add scribbles, juice and even mud. The idea behind it is to show the children to take care of the book. Here is an example of one of the pages: (taken from Kindergarten kindergarten).


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