Thursday, February 16, 2012

Head bump

Wednesday  at noon our daughter Koki had a close encounter with the front door.

Poor child, I just saw when she bounce back and fell on the floor. She cried and scream when I put some ice where a REALLY BIG head bump appear. It make me panic. It was the biggest bump to date, but since she didn't loose consciousness, or vomit, or couldn't see (or any of the other symptoms mentioned here.) I was relieved.

I know about all of these because when she was 3 years old something similar happened to her.

We were at a store. She was seated, and fell back on to the metallic edge of a rack of  fabrics. The area looked horrible (less than yesterday) but there was blood. I leave the store like Taz The Tazmanian devil (from The Looney toons, remember?). I took her to her pediatrician who send me to the E. R. After some X-Rays (and a lot of screaming) and four hours waiting, we were released with a get well note. She was ok. However, they called me the next day to tell me that something odd appear in the X-Rays and they need to perform an MRI. Now I was nervous.
At the hospital, they told us that they needed to transfer us to another hospital (from Auxilio Mutuo, to Centro medico, for those who live in Puerto Rico) Then I cried. You see, all this time I was with my father, because my husband was in Nicaragua for business. My dad helped me a lot, without hi I would be alone and not able to get food or ever go to the bathroom. And I was 5 months pregnant. ;)

My daughter was excited because we ride in an ambulance.

The hours passed, they sedated her to take the MRI, but she woke up just minutes before they did it.
Scream through it. I had to stand outside because I was pregnant. My dad stood by her side. I cried outside. It was 7am. They gave us the results at 5pm. (got to loooooove hospitals), she has a lineal fracture, but nothing too big to be concerned about.

Today, I called my pedriatician and he asked me if any of they symptoms appeared  in the next 24-48 hours after the bump occured. She still ok.

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