Monday, February 6, 2012

How I got here...

Well... Here I am. It took long enough to start it, but I made it. YAY for me!!!

I found the wonderful  world of blogs a long time ago, when I had the time to sew and be very crafty.

I will explain myself.

 I am a young mother of three beautiful girls, ages 4 , 2 1/2 and 1. Also I home school (well, we really make a lot of mess and call it school, wink*), I have a hubby to take care of too, and very little time to do housework (while everybody sleeps).  So, not so much time to sew. Besides, we are moving to a new house soon, and my sewing room is a complete mess, fill with boxes and stuff, so the girls even my husband aren't allow to go there. Well yeah,  I forgot to mention about my shove everything in a box  moving organization time.

A long time passed since I found blogs again. It all started when my oldest daughter was 3, I had a 10 month old and pregnant. It was like when in a  movie, there's a crowd and the camera zooms trough it to get to the main character, the though of not being able to give my kids a good education (in a private school) hit me. I studied in Catholic Private schools all my life, and public schools was out of the question.

You see, here in Puerto Rico where I live are very good public schools, but most of them are very far from where I live. There are also other problems, but mainly: no christian education.

So I was watching one day 19 kids and counting, and it was about their day, and how they home school. It seamed very interesting. So we (Hubby and I) search for some information about this new concept for us.  I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT, he, well, not so much. I went to a conference given by T'CHERs. It was the cherry on my ice cream (mmm... I want ice cream now). I started, just a an experiment to prove to Hubby and to myself that We could do it, and that it was our best option. Haven't stop since.

In all this, were the blogs appear? Easy. Trying to found ideas, inspiration.

I am a preschool teacher, so I have many books for that. But when we did our activities (as we call them) and routine, I was disappointed because they did not ended as my "teacher mind" expected. I was overwhelmed because I have a child to teach, a house to clean, a baby and husband to take care of and  a newborn on the way.

When I first found a blog, and found mothers that don't wake up at 6am, have a neatly organized home, are flexible to their routine, skip a day or two on their plans, help me a lot. I have also found inspiration in activities that doesn't end in  they way they are supposed to.

So I relaxed, I relaxed a lot.

I decided to blog for many reasons: to found a place to place my voice, other than my dear husband, who listens to me even when sleeping, (ha ha, Love you Honey), to keep track of this beautiful adventure, and share it with other moms and dads too. But mostly because I found a really good resource called Preschool Packs, and other printables, that I would like to share.

Our first language is Spanish, and I decided to teach it first (with reading at least, because we speak it), but rarely I found them in Spanish, so I make my own. So I decided to have two blogs in two languages Spanish and English. Not just one bilingual. We ll those are my plans, I hope to fulfill them.

I will later post some pictures of our new house that's has been building for the last 2 years... More on that later...

Para ver esta entrada en español ir aqui.



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