Monday, March 5, 2012

Not just a house... Part 1

Since  I've been looking like a crazy person my camera all around the house, with no luck, I haven't been able to post anything new. That's because I love to do messy things and take pictures, is not enough to describe it. You have to see it!

So I decided to make a different post today. this will be just the first part of 3, maybe 4. Hopefully to end it before moving, which will be soon, I HOPE!

I told you earlier about a hose that's been under construction for some time now. This is our story.

About 7 year ago my in laws (love them like my parents, really!) gave us a piece of land that they purchase and divide it between  their  daughter and 2 sons. A year later we got married. It need it to be divided and named after each one. All of it was done about 4 year ago. My husband and I started to search for some ideas, prices and people to build the house. It was a loooooooong process, because we din't know if we should build or  buy a house. Both have pros and cons. Money, distance, time, repairs to be done, an old house... we were a mess. 

After a two year discussion (seemed like it), we decided to build. We search and search a pre-made houses (they gave us the blueprint and the materials for the hose), but couldn't afford the ones we liked, and not liking the ones we could afford. I prayed God to help us into making a good choice for our growing family. On February 2010, we went to an appointment to see more blueprints. I actually made this appointment because the person who called me insisted soooo much, I agree.

I fall in love with one of their desings, and in a matter of  minutes, we bought it. I was so happy. Finally we could start our house. Boy, was I wrong.  We chose a contractor (the one we could afford) and on August we close our loan with the bank. The house was supposed to start in September, but it got delay... until November. Than came the holidays, bad weather, and our house came to a total stop. 

Slowly the construction start again, the foundation, then the floor was made (February):

Than my baby was born on February 24 (she just turned 1!), my girls looked like this:



That was a year ago. We went through a lot of disappointing, crisis,  rage, sadness (we cried a lot) from that February through August, when we were able to get another contractor (the other one had a "contract with the bank, and if we laid him off, there could be some legal problems, our hands were tied).

God let me pass through  all of this to so I could see whats inside me: how mad I can get to a point of desiring harm to other people or to pass judgment to quickly. The poor man was going through a really bad divorce and her ex wanted to take his kids away (to the US). We didn't know. Thankfully, he leaved peacefully, and the construction continued.

I will continue this roller coaster story in my next post.



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