Sunday, March 11, 2012

Letter recognition: Letter Aa, Baby animals

I started homeschooling my Koki when she was 3 yrs old. Our first theme was The garden. I remember planning a lot of activities, well a months worth of them. While most of them were on observation (how a plant grows, for example), on others she would paint, play with soil, read books of the animals of the garden, we went to a garden, well lots of activities.  She loved them, but... I though that by the second week she was bored with the theme. So from then to now, I reduced it to two weeks. Right now, because of our move, we have been taking it slow with just a few activities a week (that's also our mini theme time). 

I decided to reinforce her letter recognition abilities,  after a assessment/game the we had the other day when she could name less letters than I have teach her: She didn't  remembers them or have trouble recognizing them.

Theme: Baby animals
Letter: Aa
Koki is 4yrs 5 months
Nani is 2 1/2 yrs

We did a sheep family. I use my hand to make  mommy and daddy, and the girls use their hand to do the baby.  
 Koki painted them also. she loves green.

 Nani found this other shape of cotton and use it to. 

Then we did the letter A. Since Spanish is our first language, we fill the letter with a material that starts with A: algodón  (cotton). We also talk about textures.

             Again Koki and her green affair.                                   And Nani, using all the cotton she could.

We  use this worksheet from here.  Koki did most of them and combine it with some more from book she have here. She also work on her letters by choosing a named picture of a baby animal and making the word with magnetic letters in a baking pan, which by the way, she loves any activity I make using it. 

Some other things included:
  • searching around the house for things that started or have the letter Aa in it.
  • looking for the letter Aa while in the car.
  • naming things with the letter
She really enjoyed making colored pancakes. We use AZUL (blue) and AMARILLO (yellow) coloring. They mix it and made green. They did not knew that they were pancakes! They just loved it. Well, that's why I'm awesome ;)



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