Saturday, June 8, 2013

After a crazy year, I'm back!

Well, where do I begin...

It's been a year full of changes for me and my family.

To begin, we moved. YAY!!! Finally. We started the construction of our house on January 2011, but we had a lot of problems with the contractor, so we had to change him, and then work some more on the house by ourselves. A real mess. We moved just last year, and we still need it to do some work around the house, but still, we were finally at our NEW home.

We love everything about it: the open concept, how close the kitchen is to the family room, two bathrooms, my walking closet (ohh love that!), the natural light that comes in all day ( I don't need to turn on any lights), the backyard, which is enormous, we even have a river crossing our land. It's awesome to homeschool here! The girls find many kinds of flowers, insects, rocks, plants, birds, leaves...

We have our own homeschooling room, which is been organized, and redecorated for next school year (we take a break during the summer). I'm in love with this room, is my favorite part of all the house.

Well, then after that, in September we get some great news: we were pregnant with our fourth! An for everyone surprise it was... (drum roll...) another girl! Yes, the fourth girl. for me it was just a baby that god was sending us, besides, I already lover her from the first time I knew I was pregnant. People asked me if it was a boy, but when I told them no, they were really disappointed and even sad for me, and they were strangers I met at the store HAHA

Well, we received our new baby, which we call Allie, the first one to born here.

 We also celebrated birthdays,

 We got a dog ( a girl too O_o)

Went on vacation...

My oldest had her first  Ballet Recital (We all cried)

Now I planned to continue my poor forgotten blog. I stopped it because I had no internet connection, but now I do. hopefully I could post our adventures during summer, and then our school, and of course our lives.

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